Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekends are tough, but do-able

***Posted by Kyle

This last weekend, Nicole and I both ran into temptations that we consider our "Kryptonite". Nicole's is cheese, mine is any combination of really good food, and great wine. On Friday night, I was teaching a private in-home class about wine to a couple that had hired me. At the end of the class, the host came out with what I can only describe as beauty on a plate- a huge chunk of rich, dark chocolate cake with a port sauce and raspberries on it. Now, despite the fact that we are doing this challenge, I also know how rude it is to decline something that is offered like that. I took a couple of bites, said "thank you" and pushed it to the side. I considered this a small victory that I didn't pick it up with my bare hands, and smear it all over my face while trying to jam it into my mouth as quickly as possible.

We said in the "rules" that Saturdays are the day we can relax a bit on what we eat. This resulted in healthy breakfast, questionable lunch, and me taking the rules at dinner, throwing them onto the ground, jumping up and down on them, and lauging hysterically, cream sauce in one hand and red wine in the other. Oh well, next week I won't "relax" as much.

Sunday was fine, we ate healthily. I have learned that, when you are tempted to eat nachos while watching football, it really helps when you simply don't have the required ingredients in your home. Nachos? Nope. Ham on a whole wheat tortilla? Sure, sounds good.

Finally, this morning I was doing my reading, and a verse from Matthew really hit me:

"...Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?"

When you run in the circles that I do, you really see that some people almost deify a great meal. That's what my "foodie" friends talk about- what they ate, what they are going to eat, how great it was, how the new restaurant is, was it sourced locally, was it organic, and on and on. Heck, just look at Facebook or Twitter- a huge number of people's posts talk about what they just ate, or are eating. That's going to be a tough thing for me, seeing food less as something to idolize, and more as fuel for the body.

That's enough for now. Today, we try a "meal replacement" shake from GNLD. This boy is not excited.

Have a great day! Make a healthy choice today.

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