Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's some good Betty

****Posted by Nicole

Not gonna lie, yesterday was hard, but it did get much better. I got home late from work and my sweet husband had a great dinner coming out of the oven. He had roasted one of our chickens! We named her Betty and she was oh so good. Since neither of us any experience with cooking an entire chicken, we did a little research on the web and found an awesome Anne Burrell recipe.

Usually something like this would totally intimidate me and I would be scared to cook it. But for all of those timid cooks out there, it's honestly very very easy. Just a side note, if you don't know how to truss a chicken, like we didn't, look it up online. Easy peasy! So here are some picks of our very good and very moist chicken.

Under my skin! The recipe calls for you to rub the herbs between the breast and the skin. It tore a tiny bit, but no worries, still tasted fine in the end.

On the left if you look close you can see that Betty has string wrapped around her. This is called trussing the chicken. I think all it does is keep the chicken from losing it's shape. It's important when you are putting it in a rotissere because it will keep the legs and wings from floping around. And to the right Betty is all dressed up and ready to go in the oven!

And here is our awesome finished product! The thing I liked most about this recipe is that it didn’t require any butter and it was still good. Our friend Bill told us we should eat the legs and wings first. Dark meat has a tendency to dry out faster than white meat. The end result was a great dinner of one leg and wing for each of us, boiled red potatoes, and fresh green beans with almond slices and onions. Good dinner honey!

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