Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Two...the struggles already begin

***Posted by Kyle

I know it has to get hard before it gets easier. Today, I woke up feeling like I have a hangover (I literally had less than one glass of wine to drink yesterday). I am tired, irritable, sluggish, and have a headache and cotton-mouth. I can only assume that this is my body detoxing from all of the crap that I ate over the holidays, and getting used to the lower fat, sugar, and calorie foods that I am now consuming. Nicole and I both stuck to our eating plan yesterday, despite her open access to donuts and me being invited to eat pizza for lunch. I will let her address the "organic chicken" thing from last night (read as "scam"). The funny thing is, we didn't die! I anxiously await the day when I can post on here that I have lost four inches, I feel great, and my energy is boundless. Today ain't that day. Instead, I'm going to finish my coffee, go work out, and eat some turkey bacon, eggs, and toast before heading into the frozen wasteland that encompasses our fair city.

I want to say thank you to those that have already started following us on here, and that have sent us emails and texts for encouragement. We know that the first month will be the hardest. We so much look forward to sharing our successes with you!

As a side note, our measurements had to be postponed until tonight (not our fault, I promise). When we get them, we will post them.

Until then, have a fantastic day!

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