Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day

**Posted by Kyle

So, I am already starting to feel my body going through the changes of this healthier lifestyle. The first benefit that I have seen is that I am already more flexible. This is coming from the fact that I am doing something aerobic everyday, and stretching. The first negative thing is that I wake up every day with a pounding headache. I have greatly increased my water intake, but I guess I need to drink even more of the stuff. Ugh.

Today will present a particularly interesting challenge. Unless you are living under a rock without tv service, you know that the Midwest got pounded by snow. It wasn't too bad here in St. Louis, as we only got about 5 inches or so. The roads are pretty bad right now, so if I work today, I won't be leaving until this afternoon. The same goes for Nicole. This means snow day! This also means that Nicole and I have to face one of our greater challenges. We both tend to "graze" when we are just sitting around the house. When we put in the Rules that we need to be smart about snacking, this is exactly what we are addressing. It seems like once every hour or so, we get up, wander into the kitchen, grab three bites of something (or make either a sandwich or nachos) and go back to the TV. Not today, my friends. Today we fight the urge, and win!

I just got done eating two eggs, some turkey bacon (not great- it's kind of like cooking up a piece of lunch meat), and a piece of whole wheat toast, washed down with two cups of coffee. I should be fine for a while, but I'm already looking forward to lunch. At least my workout is taken care of- I need to go shovel!

Have a great day, Make a healthy decision today!

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  1. I am with you in spirit as I go out into the arctic and shovel snow today, keep it up!