Monday, January 4, 2010

Stairs suck

So last week I thought it would be a good idea to tell as many people about our blog as possible. Keep us accountable, right? Hmmm...I told my team at work and my boss suggested that I could start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. He then tells me this magical, inspirational story about one of the guys in our company that did this and lost 10 lbs. Well that's for me!
First of all, our office is on the sixth floor. Sixth floor people! Second of all I have about 15 pounds of exercise crap and purse crap that I have to lug up with me. And Third of all, it's a frozen tundra out there and I have on two layers of clothes plus a wool jacket and scarf. I got to the top of the stairs not only huffing and puffing, but also sweaty and dizzy. Stairs suck..... and break rooms suck too.
Oh,ours was full of lovely surprises today. As I was walking through to get to my desk, there is a huge box of donuts on the table, that I can't eat, and a note saying that the bathrooms on the sixth and fifth floors are going to be out of service for the next couple of days. Really? Might I remind yall that I am not taking the elevator? So this means that every time I have to pee I have to trek up and down two flights of stairs.

Okay, so let’s look on the bright side. I refused to eat the donuts, yay me, I ate very healthy this morning with a bowl of multi grain cheerios, and a boiled egg for protein. I didn't get hungry for a mid morning snack until about 10:30, I enjoyed my orange, and I'm looking forward to eating my sandwich that I made with 45 calorie a slice bread. Oh, and I have a granola bar for my other snack. Love those! It’s not so bad, but I still hate the stairs!

Posted by Nicole


  1. I'm pretty convinced that I didn't gain weight my first year in college because I lived on the third floor of Maple hall (no elevators). Too bad I moved, but then again, I'd never have met you! Get it girl!