Friday, January 15, 2010

We may have lost the battle, but we'll win the war

***Posted by Kyle

Last night, one of the hardest things that my job will put in front of us stared us in the face, then slapped us around a bit. As most of you know, I own a small wine consulting company. Part of my job is to do wine dinners- essentially a chef prepares several courses, then I pair wines to match each course. People pay to come into the restaurant, eat the courses, drink the wines, and listen to be blab on about how they match, where the wines are from, etc. Last night, Nicole joined me, as some of our friends were attending the dinner to be supportive of my teachings. The problem is that the restaurant normally feeds me the meal that they are feeding everyone else- last night, that was a five course meal where the courses were things like scallops over risotto, lamb shanks, and one course was a huge slab of bacon. Needless to say, Nicole and I ate, as the chef wanted to know our opinions. In a small moment of victory, we were each able to eat only half of our lamb course, and I only ate a couple bites of dessert.

I think this just shows that we really want to make these commitments to a lifestyle change that will still allow us to enjoy an evening like we did. I'm sure we ate too many calories, but we didn't leave feeling like we gorged ourselves. Today, we will both just work out a bit extra, and move on.

Am I wrong in thinking this? I don't want to rationalize every time we make a slip up, but I also don't want to get into a mode where I beat myself up if I have a work event where it would have been rude not to eat.

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  1. Carol and I are going out for pizza tonight. It's a war not a battle so when you keeping your eye on winning the war. Just can't lose too many battles along the way. By the way, I am sick of salad at lunch with light dressing and 1/2 of a fairly dry sandwich. Table 3 tonight-NO PROVELL!