Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Humiliation- measurements #1

***Posted by Kyle

I have to admit, when we first decided to start this thing, I knew it would be embarassing and tough. I never expected to feel the way I do right now. This is easily the most humiliating thing I have ever written. But, this is what is necessary to get us to our goals. Nicole and I were talking today about how we have both always been considered "big" amongst our groups of friends. Big is okay. Obese is not. I'm fine with being a big guy, the way God made me. However, I'm sick of all the other bullshit that comes with being obese. I'm sick of not wanting to sit at booths in restaurants because they are so uncomfortable. I'm sick of sucking it in on an airplane, so I don't have to go through the embarassment of asking the stewardess for a seatbelt extension. I'm sick of only being able to shop at Casual Male XL for clothing. I only have myself to blame, as I was the one that shoveled food and drink into myself, and didn't get out and exercise. Right now I am embarassed, humiliated, about to cry, and pissed off. I want to change. Therefore, I humbly submit the following measurements and picture of myself, as I am today for everyone to see.

Weight- Couldn't obtain, as I maxed out two different digital home scales, and the Wii fit pad. Estimate around 335.

Height- 6'1"

Chest- 57"

Waist (at the biggest point)- 62"

Right Thigh- 28"

Right arm- 16.25"

BMI- not yet determined, need weight measurement first.

So, there you have it. I only hope that this is the "before" picture of a wonderfully healthy and inspiring "Before and After" photo juxtaposition a year from now.

And, I hand the mic off to my beautiful bride...

Just as Kyle mentioned, I have always been considered a heavier and bigger girl. Even when I was in tip top shape in high school I weighed more (140 lbs) and wore a bigger size (size 8) than all of my good girl friends. I simply have a lot of muscle. My measurements and my weight didn't shock me as much as my sweet husband's shocked him. I was fully aware that I weighed as much as I do. In fact, if we had done this yesterday I would have been two pounds heavier. What I am embarrassed about is my picture. I'm a visual person and until I saw what my weight actually looked like on me it didn't register how much I have to lose. Yes I look in the mirror everyday, but I don't see what I saw in this picture. I know that it sounds weird, but I think I know how to position myself in the mirror to "play tricks" on myself as to what I look like. Tilt the head back and lean towards the mirror so that the double chin goes away. Don't have a full length mirror so that the belly goes away. Don't get in pictures so that you don't see what you look like. These are all very effective and very blinding methods of convincing myself that it’s not as bad as it seems. So with tears streaming down my face I post my measurements and my embarrassing picture.

Weight - 212.6

Height - 5'7"

Shoulders - 47

Chest - 47.5

Waist - 39.5

Abs - 44.75

Hips - 44.75

Right Thigh - 26.75

Calf - 16.75

Right Arm - 12.50

Frame - Medium

BMI - 33.29

And here are the very fingers that started it all!


  1. I am blown away by your courage! You guys rock!

  2. Proud of you guys. Looking forward to what our God has in store for you all throughout this year. I'm encouraged by your honesty and humility. There's only one way to go from here, DOWN (in lbs. that is)!!

  3. wow guys -- a moving post. I think you look fine and are being hard on yourselves, but I understand the mindset. I look forward to seeing you obtain your goals.