Sunday, January 24, 2010

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Waistlines

***Posted by Kyle

Anyone that has known me for more than a few days knows that there are a few things that I am passionate about- God, my wife, wine, good music, and football among them. I have come to realize that the last one in the list has led me to some unhealthy habits that I have had to correct in order to change my lifestyle. You know those commercials that show people fumbling through their morning without their cigarettes? That's kind of the way that I feel watching football now. Thank God there's only one more game in the season!

I mean this from the perspective that, in the past, I had my "system" to an enjoyable football watching experience. It usually involved an afternoon with a beer in hand, and lots of chips and dips on hand. Also, orders of hot wings usually made an appearance. Then it went into the evening, with more wine in hand, and eating something unhealthy while watching the later game. I usually justified this by thinking "It's Sunday, it's the Sabbath, I'm supposed to be relaxing. Plus, it's light beer, and wings have lots of protein."

Umm, Fail.

Today, the NFC and AFC Championship games were on. I found myself in a house with no chips, no pizza, no wings, no dip, and a blog that I have to be honest on. Instead of beer, I drank iced tea. Instead of chips, I ate one bowl (100 calories) of microwave popcorn- sans butter. For dinner, my beautiful wife made the best batch of chicken spaghetti she has ever come up with, and we each had one glass of white wine. We also decided to turn down the invitation to a party where there was going to be amazing food, so that we wouldn't be tempted to blow it this early in the week. Later, once we learn to control other eating during the week, we will be able to indulge- we just thought it would be wise not to go to a place that was serving Lobster Corndogs, and Fried Mac-n-Cheese- Sorry John!.

It's crazy to think that, because of our new, healthier, habits I literally saved myself over 1000 calories in eating today. It will also be much easier to get up for that 6:30 am workout tomorrow.

Goodnight, America- make one healthy decision every day this week!

PS- Well played games by the Colts and the Saints. My predicion: Saints win the Superbowl 35-28.

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