Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And then there were 20…

Thinking back to information night a couple months ago, there were 58 girls lining up to try out for derby. We all had dreams of smashing, falling, pushing, and pulling our way to the top. Through the weeks of meet and greets we lost a few, but not enough to stand out. Last night I counted 20 lovely bad ass ladies still in the game to fight for the right to wear fishnets in public. It was our last practice before the big tryouts on the 31st. I’m scared, excited, and ready to skate my heart out. But will it be enough?

I do have one set back. I hurt myself pretty bad last night. We were doing a hopping drill and I slipped backwards and landed on my tailbone really hard. It’s pretty badly bruised and I’m not sure how it’s going to affect my tryouts. As long as I don’t fall on it again and concentrate I should be okay. It cracked my confidence a little and when we skated five laps around the rink my time was a few seconds worse than last week. A hurting tailbone is funny because you feel pain, but aside from lying on your stomach, there is nothing you can do to ease it. I’m currently trying to sit on a yoga mat that is intricately folded but it is still really uncomfortable.
Please pray that I heal quickly and that I’ll be able to put up an honest fight come tryout night!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 2 of Booty Camp

Last week there was no Booty Camp due to the weather that did absolutely nothing. There was a ton of hubbub in the news about, “The snow! The snow! We are all going to die because of the snow! So hunker down everyone and go to the grocery and by milk, eggs, and bread!” The short of it is that we had maybe a couple of inches and it was sloppy and wet. Damn! (Can you tell I’m bitter about having to go to work the next day?) I digress.

Last night was week 2 of Booty Camp. We learned weaving, hopping, marching, four point fall, skating in a pack, running on our stoppers, and how to skate wicked fast. At one point we had to skate five times around the rink, without instruction on how to do it correctly, and our coach Romo timed us. She said that as a Potential, a minute and ten seconds is a good goal. I heard some girls chicken out to be the first to go and I thought, "screw it, lets get this done". Plus I knew I would be faster than the other two girls skating with me so even if I was super slow they would make me look faster. A little strategy done on my part, sorry if that’s mean! What was my time you ask? 55 seconds! I did cross the line out of bounds a couple times but one of the veterans said that eventually it would get to the point where I would build up muscle memory and learn not to do that anymore. I would just instinctively know where to go on the track to stay in bounds and not get a penalty.
Today I feel pretty good but I know that Wednesday will be rough as far as soreness. My left knee is killing me, but I think that will go away as I lose weight and build muscle. It was really encouraging to see all the vets help the potentials with pointers. They were all more than happy to help and I was more than happy to hear it.

In other news, Kyle had hernia repair surgery on Friday last week. He’s had some ups and downs but came out of it fairly quickly. I’m so glad that he feels better and so happy that the little alien in his abdomen is gone! Yay Kyle!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A look at the subconsious

For Christmas this year I got a book called A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson from my sister. Usually giving someone a book like this would be grounds for a beat down, but my sister and I are very open and honest about our weight and she knows I struggle with this subject. (Heeellllloooo, hence the blog.) Plus she wants to read it after me. Each chapter of the book is a different lesson and has a different visualization exercise at the end. So far it’s been a great read. It’s been more about the spiritual side of losing weight and letting go of your fear and worries at God’s feet. The entire concept of the book is that if you are an overeater, which I am, then there is something going on subconsciously in your mind and you are not giving it to God. Ever hear the term eating your emotions? That’s what this focuses on. It gives you the tools to recognize that you are upset and should be praying instead of eating.

The best chapter I’ve read so far is the one on the thin you and the not so thin you. The author makes you picture the thin you actually meeting the not so thin you. I like to call these two people in me, Whippen Dixie (the thin me) and Rolie Colie (not so thin me). At the end of the chapter you have to write a letter from each perspective to the other. In doing this exercise I realized that I am almost afraid of the person I might become when I’m thin. The last time I was really in shape I was immature, flighty, and irresponsible. I’ve worked a long time to grow spiritually and emotionally and on a subconscious level I think that I will turn back into the other person if I lose all the weight. Self preservation is what they call it in the book. Now I’m trying to get to like the thin me so that I wont be afraid to become her.

Whoa, that was deep… I’ll keep you posted on more of my revelations as they come.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This morning I woke up to find that my muscles are really angry with me. Yeah I was sore yesterday, but that was nothing compared to what my legs feel now. Ouch is all I have to say. I think the only thing that will help at this point is lots of stretching and lots of moving around.

On a lighter note, one of the girls that is already in the league, but not on a team, got all of her gear stolen out of her car last week. Sad day indeed because just your normal decent pair of skates is about $100 and that doesn’t even include all of the padding you need. So all the girls she practices with took up a collection and gave her money for new skates! All together now, awwwwe! Everyone always thinks that derby girls are this rough and tumble group of girls, but they have great hearts and big love for each other.

Hearing this story only fuels my passion to get in the league this year. Getting back in the skates tonight to workout those hurten muscles!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Booty everywhere!

First day of high school, first tryout for the dance team and the first performance in front of a crowd are all examples of times I was so nervous I wanted to throw up. I can now add the first night of booty camp. When I pulled up to the Skatium all I could hear in my head was Adam Sandler’s voice saying “They’re all going to laugh at you!” My palms were sweaty, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I felt so stupid for getting this nervous. Kyle had suggested that I listen to Metallica to pump myself up on the way but I assured him that my heart was plenty pumped.

While staring at the door for a bit I calmed myself down and entered the land of kick ass. Once I found the other girls I noticed that they looked as wide eyed as I did so I was put as ease. We quickly checked in and then hit the floor to start some training. We skipped, lunged, and grapevined the length of the rink and were all sucking in some major air. After a water break we then commenced to learn how to fall, recover, and stop the derby way.

My legs hurt, and my knee is swollen, but I had an absolute blast. The veterans that were there were more than willing to help with pointers and I appreciated any information they were willing to give. There are a lot of girls trying out and the coach, Romo, said that this group was the most prepared group of potentials she’s ever seen. (which could make it harder to get in the league this go round) I know that I’m not the best potential out there, but I’m also not the worst. I’ll practice on my own Wednesday and hope that come Monday I’ll be ready for it again!

Monday, January 3, 2011


This year I am not going to make a grand resolution to do something. I am not going to make this year the year that I will eat less, exercise more, write a book, climb a mountain, run a marathon, pray more, read more, or make more money. All I am going to say about the year 2011 is that I really just want to have a freaken blast. This year the possibilities are endless and I am heading into it with eyes wide open, and a smile on my face. Whatever God has in store for me, I’m game. So let’s get it on!

Booty Camp

Tonight is the first night of booty camp. Yikes! I’m scared out of my mind and also so crazy excited.

Someone asked me last week why I decided to do roller derby and my initial thought was, “Why not? Helllloooo, because it’s awesome.” And then I realized that I want to do this because I’m turning 30 in February. I feel like my 20’s were all about figuring out who I am and the kind of person I want to become. Well I don’t have it figured out yet, but I am much more comfortable with the person I am becoming. I think roller derby will help me find my voice and build confidence. Plus it will work me out like I’ve never been worked out before!

And so it begins…..