Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confessions of a Guilty Mind

****Posted by Nicole

One of my rules for Ninja Fingers has been to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every morning for the past two weeks I’ve had a battle in my head whether or not I have the energy. I pull in the parking lot and think “should I?” Well for the last two days the battle was lost. I feel really guilty about it too. Yesterday I just had too much in my hands; purse, lunch, workout bag, coat, keys, and our team plant, Peter Petrelli. So I shamefully blame Peter for yesterday morning. This morning I was just lazy. Sorry guys. I’ll get back in the habit again.
Also, does anyone know where I can get some really good running shoes? My calf and shin muscles are starting to cramp and my ring toes and middle toes fall asleep after about 10 minutes of jogging. I’ll take any suggestions!

This is Peter. The one that MADE me take the elevator. My team mate John is in the back ground. He was the one that named him Peter Petrelli.


  1. Hi! My sister Amanda Harris knows you and told me about your blog. Great blog -- and congrats on all the changes you're making on your weight-loss journey.

    I am a huge fan of the 993 by New Balance. Here's a link for them --

    They come in gray or pink. I got a pair of these shoes a few days before walking a whole marathon and they were truly a lifesaver. Who know what kind of shape my feet would have been without them that day.

  2. Thank you ma'am! And thanks for reading, it keeps us honest and accountable. :)

  3. Oh my...that reminds me of a plant we had. What was it's name? Simon? You got a thing for naming plants!

    On another note...not sure if you guys have a Run On store in STL, but Jordan got his running shoes there and they made him do a bunch of things like hop and run before they picked shoes that were good for his foot. He loves them, and we both know that he is the only runner in this family!

  4. Simon! Yes I remember him! Kyle and I sold him at our garage sale in Dallas before we moved to Boston. And yes, I like to name things. Cars, plants, uncooked whole chickens, whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. :)