Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Balancing Act

Okay, so last week was the derby draft and I didn't get drafted. Whaa whaaaa. So the process of the draft is that teams scout for months and then on the draft night the rookies scrimmage and then the captains decide which ladies they would like on their team. Let me preface this with since February I have had tickets for Kyle and I to go see Jimmy Buffet. It was Kyle's birthday present and the concert was May 3rd. Aaaaannnnnddd the scrimmage draft… yep, was May 3rd. When I realized what was happening I of course flipped out because 1) I have been crazy stressed at work with a new position and 2) I have been a little overwhelmed with my new schedule of working and derby practice. So what did I do? I cried on Jezebel’s shoulder (a vet skater whom I love), then I cried on Brandie's shoulder (a rookie whom I love), and then I cried on Romo's shoulder (my coach whom I love). When I finally got control of the flood gates and had let all of my frustrations and fears out, I followed all of my derby ladies advice and went to the concert with my hubby. I'll admit it, I'm bummed I didn't get drafted. BUT, I'm also super happy that I got to go spend time with my love. I got to see Kyle truly enjoy a night of crazy, grass skirt, coconut bikini, dancing in the street, parrot head shark fin wearing nuts. Even though it was freaken 30 degrees outside and our faces were frozen, they were at least frozen with smiles.

The night before the scrimmage Jezebel told me to decide what was more important, and I feel that I did just that....