Sunday, January 3, 2010

So it begins....

Welcome to our blog. My name is Kyle, and my wife's name is Nicole. This is a project that we felt led to do, covering the year 2010. Quite simply, we want to be healthier, more fit people. We figured that the best method to accomplishing this goal is to put it out there, in public, for all of our family and friends to see. This is not a crash diet, a "biggest loser" type contest, or a "look at how cool we are" type thing. We have both tried different methods (including those listed) in the past to no avail. This is a way for all of our contacts to see what we are doing, keep us accountable, and hopefully be encouraged by our success.

We will sometimes post individually (if we do this, we will put "Posted by Kyle", or "Posted by Nicole"), and sometimes as a couple. We will be very honest about what we are going through- how great it feels, how much it sucks at times, how we want to go on forever, and how we want to quit. We will probably whine, cuss, spit, and moan. We will also post regular pictures and measurements to update everyone on our progress (Nicole just went "Ewww" as I read that to her!)

The name "Ninja-Fingers" came from the fact that, since we got married nearly 7 years ago, we have both gained weight. As a result, Kyle cannot take his wedding ring off, and Nicole has difficulty getting hers on. Our first goal is to eliminate this problem by working out to the point where we have skinnier fingers. "Ninja" just comes because ninjas are cool, and have great discipline.

Before we even start, we want to acknowledge that we cannot do this alone. We will need help from God, and prayer and encouragement from all of you. We encourage you to sign up as "followers" on here, and post comments regularly. Remember, this is a very difficult task, and one of the most humbling things either of us have done. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you with skinnier fingers!


  1. Let me be the first to wish you two the very best of luck!