Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spectacular Spills

I had the most spectacular spill last night at derby practice! Actually, it was a couple of spills. We were introduced to blocking and they had the Bevo Kill just lay us out. The first hit I took really well but because I didn’t stick my butt out enough I tripped on her skate and literally landed on my shoulder then head. It was awesome! Then we were doing another blocking drill and I took the hit again but when I went to do a turn around toe stop I was all of the sudden floating. You know how wrestlers jump in the air and then land flat on their backs? Yeah, I had slipped backwards again and was on my way to land on the floor into a full on body slam. I think I was so scared that I would hit my tail bone again that I tucked my butt and straighten in the air. Thank God I had a helmet on or I don't think I would have remembered how to type this morning! It didn't hurt, just jarred me a little. I laughed so hard! It must have looked something awful because even my coach asked if I was okay. I had so much fun! My shoulder is a little sore and scratched from doing a half summersault on it, but nothing that a little ibprophen won’t fix.

We have a skills test we will have to take eventually to get cleared for scrimmaging and we’ve been practicing 20 laps in 5 minutes while in a pack. Endurance right now is not my strong suit so by lap 13 I can barely move my legs or breathe. One of the newbie’s, Sherry, saw that I was really struggling so she got behind me at number 17 and started pushing. I was a little embarrassed at first but then oh so grateful that she helped me out. I didn’t want to be the reason we didn’t make our time and my teammate didn’t let that happen.

I know what I need to work on personally and am trying really hard not to compare myself with the other girls that are much faster than me. I always feel so bad for the people that have to partner up with me when it comes to the endurance stuff, cause we’re going to go slow when I’m pushing or pulling. I still love the challenge and I still really love derby!