Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slap yo' Pappy

***Posted by Kyle

And the hits just keep on coming. Sunday we were enticed with a football meal created by an amazing chef that included Lobster Corndogs and Fried Mac-n-Cheese. We declined the opportunity. Yesterday, we gave up our reservations for the "Dorm Room Dinner" at 33 wine bar, even though I heard it was fantastic. We didn't give in (although I'm sure the Veal Brains they served at the meal would have done nothing to help Nicole's migraine). Today, the temptation was too much to bear, but I think I did okay.

I love Barbeque. I cook barbeque during the summer. I love eating anything that comes from a pig. I pretty much love anything covered in barbeque sauce. Today, I was working with a supplier that was from out of town, and the subject of Pappy's Barbeque came up. Pappy's, in my honest opinion, is hands-down the best barbeque joint in town. I have never had a single bite of food from there that I didn't love! The supplier demanded that we go there for lunch, and he was paying.

Oh Crap, what do I do?

Pappy's is not the ninja way.

Pappy's will suck me in like a vortex, and make me eat fatty, delicious pulled pork, ribs, fried corn on the cob, baked beans, beer, coke, sausage links, brisket, and peach cobbler.

Seriously, what do I do?

Panicking. Can't act weird in front of the supplier.

We walk in the door, and I had an Epiphany.....Chicken! I can eat Chicken! It's smoked, local, organic, and delicious.

That's exactly what I did. Instead of throwing down a pound and a half of pork product, I ordered the pulled chicken and the vinegar slaw (plus three bites of baked beans). To drink, I filled up on unsweetened iced tea. Yeah, I ate one rib off of my companion's plate- that was just to prevent myself from being jealous and leaving him there.

All things considered, I was pretty dang proud of my self-control. Again, this is about making the small changes that will lead us to a healthier existance.

Have a good night.

Tomorrow, either make a healthy choice, or go to Pappy's.

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