Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's gonna be a good day, tater

***Posted by Kyle

Even though I'm a little freaked out by the three little numbers I saw on the scale last night, I'm determined not to do anything rash. Just like most people would, I'm mentally jumping between just eating celery and water for the rest of my life, and just saying "screw it" and heading to Five Guys for lunch. I won't choose either option. A good friend of mine said that he will text me "OWT" anytime I freak out, standing for "One Week at a Time".

I had trouble sleeping again last night, as well as pain in my shoulder and knee. This resulted in taking a Tylenol PM around midnight, and therefore a very groggy Kyle today. If I call, text, facebook message, tweet, or email you anything weird today, I'm blaming it all on that.

For breakfast, we were out of milk, so I couldn't do my shake. I settled for a couple of delicious Prarie Grass Farms free range chicken eggs, some turkey bacon, and a whole wheat tortilla.

Like I said, it's gonna be a good day!

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