Friday, January 8, 2010

The Donut Monster

****Posted by Nicole

My team at work has a lovely habit of bringing donuts to the office on Fridays. This particular Friday they were brought from Heavenly Scent Bakery. These donuts are so amazing that I want to stick my face in the box and lick each one so that nobody else can eat them. So as I obsess about the beautiful box of lovelies sitting behind me, I keep glancing at the text from my supportive husband that says “Beat the donut monster!!” I do have to say that it helps me tremendously that Kyle is going through some of the same challenges that I am with food. Nights I think are the hardest on us. We used to get a second wave of hunger after dinner and being a little bored we would fill our time with food. I am proud to say that this entire week we didn’t graze once after dinner. However, there is one confession to make. I didn’t workout last night or on Tuesday night. Seeing how we agreed to workout five days a week I will try to go into the gym the rest of this week, meaning Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Oh yeah, and I also forgot my lunch today, so I will have to buy something. I am thinking maybe Subway, a turkey on wheat, no cheese, lots of pickles and lettuce and a donut. Wait…. Hugh? No! Back donut monster, yahh, back!

Do you see the little white box? It's taunting me with its smells and goodness. That's my boss in the background. He's the culprit that brought them in.

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