Monday, January 11, 2010

The Revolution Continues!

****Posted by Nicole

After my "Nice Breasts" post last week, we got a flood of e-mails and comments on how to get a hold of more afordable free range chicken. I am happy to say that Kyle and I decided to contact Greenwood Farms and buy two whole chickens for $3.50 a pound. (we spent about $28) Seeing how five breasts cost us almost $20 from Trader Joes, I think this was a much better deal. So the revolution continues! Viva la Free Range Chicken and yay local farms!!! Thank you to everyone that helped guide us in supporting chicken rights and our quest to eat healthier.
I have to say that planning our menu on Sunday really helps us stay on track. It leaves less wiggle room to slip up. It's also kind of fun. To get the chickens you have to pre order online ( and then pick them up in a parking lot near tower grove. You give the nice lady money, she gives you a bird, or milk, or eggs. It sounds a little sketchy, but it's all very legit.

The truck with the goods

Chicken Lady

Kyle was also tipped off by another foodie friend that there was a farmers market going on at St. John's Episcopal Church. (3664 Arsenal) It was small, but had just what we wanted. Fresh eggs that have a born on date of 01.08.10, home baked 9 grain bread, and cheese made by the Amish. You can't get any better than that!

The Amish Cheese Lady is below on the right, notice that it almost looks like she has a halo. It's cheese made by the Amish, sold in a church. Um, one for me please! If it doesn't taste good, it has to at least make me holy.

No worries, we didn't eat it all ourselves. Yes I had a few bites of the magical garlic and chive goat cheese, but we served it as part of an appetizer for some neighbors so it's all gone.

I love that Kyle and I are still finding ways to enjoy food. Yes we have cut back, and yes we are watching what we put in our bodies, but no we have not sacrified taste. I am also happy to announce that what we are doing is working. As of this morning I have lost a total of 3 pounds! Slow and steady; a marathon, not a sprint.

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