Friday, February 26, 2010

They Fit, but....

***Posted by Kyle

Yesterday I had a victory, and a defeat, all wrapped up in one. Everyone who has gained weight has another thing in common- they all buy some clothes that just don't quite fit and think "Oh, when I lose the weight, I'll get into these." I am no exception. I have had a pair of pants in the bottom drawer of our dresser that I bought when we lived in Boston. I just knew that some day, I would be able to wiggle back into them.

Yesterday, it happened. It took a bit of huffing, puffing, and sucking it in, but I was able to fit into the pants. Victory. However, I took one look at them and realized they were out of style. Defeat. Yep, I was able to put on a dark brown pair of cargo pants. Now, I'm sorry if you are a cargo pants fan, or regular wearer. Please be advised that they are out of style. Nicole took one look at them, and told me I was never allowed to wear them outside of the house.

Oh well, I guess they'll be fine for yard work. Another good thing in all of this- I left the price tag on them. Yeah, I paid $6.99 for them at Old Navy. Victory.

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