Monday, February 1, 2010

Please pass the carbs…

Oh how I love carbs, let me count the ways. Rolls, couscous, risotto, fettuccini, bagels, naan, donuts, crackers, puff pastry, chips….. oh I can go on and on. It’s all so lovely.
As Kyle mentioned in the post below, we had a horrible meal made up of all fried foods on Saturday. (our day off from Ninja-fingers) It was one of those meals where my brain and eyes went, ”OOOh, Yesssss!” and my stomach and bum went, “OOOh, NOOOO!” Immediately after I tore into my plate lined with a litany of fried goodness, I felt so gross. My yummy friends have turned their back on me.
No longer will I associate egg rolls as a naughty treat because the end result is more naughty then treat. I had to make sure I was drinking enough fluids because the trips to the bathroom were just getting out of hand. Ouch, I think my stomach is still yelling at me. I passed by Jack and the Box this morning on my way to work and instead of thinking, “Mmmm, tacos” I thought “Ugh, fried egg rolls.” Blech
I’m not sure if this feeling will last, but I do appreciate it for now. It will be nice to not obsess over what I don’t get to eat, and think about what I will eat to make me feel better. Success!

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