Friday, February 12, 2010

Does moving furniture count???

***Posted by Kyle

Man, I'm lazy some days. I went to bed last night with every intention of getting up and working out this morning. When I woke up, that desire had left me, jumped out the window, and ran down the street. Instead, the thought of "you have to move a sectional and a chair into your house today by yourself. Also, you will be on your feet working for about 4 hours tonight. These count as working out."

Does this count? In all fairness, I did load the sectional (3 pieces) and a large plush chair into a truck, drive it to my house, unload all of it, and carry it into my basement- all alone. My heart rate did get raised a bit, and my back feels a bit strained. Also, I will be on my feet for several hours tonight, sweating.

I guess it's better than doing nothing.

Now, about the two slices of pizza that I had for lunch.........

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