Monday, February 22, 2010

David vs Goliath

***Posted by Kyle

This last weekend was a pretty good one for both me and Nicole. We spent our main "cheat" calories on Friday night by eating a small Bucktown pizza from Pi, one of the fantastic places in STL. Saturday, I had to work and Nicole worked on the house quite a bit, and I had "the boys" over on Saturday night. The worst thing eaten there was a few twizzlers. Sunday was also a fairly healthy day, and we both feel good about ourselves, and our progress right now.

Tonight is gonna be rough.

We are headed out to one of my favorite things to do each month- the Dorm Room dinner series at 33 wine bar. The concept behind this thing is that, once a month, a local chef takes over the wine bar(which doesn't have a kitchen), and makes a 5 course meal. The rub is that the chef only uses implements to cook that would be allowed in a dorm room- toaster ovens, hot plates, microwaves, etc. It has become an increasingly popular night out amongst the Saint Louis dining scene. Last month, I gave up our hard-to-get reservations in the name of our household budget and our slowly slimming waistlines. Tonight, I couldn't pass.

The reason I couldn't pass is because the chef tonight is Gerard Craft, one of the most talented chefs in the city, and a guy I consider to be a friend. Simply put, this will be an incredible meal and will likely contain pieces of delicious pig, and also foie gras.

Yep, I'm going to blow it tonight, but tomorrow, it will be back in the dojo in the basement for an extra 30 minutes on the bike after my workout.

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