Friday, February 19, 2010

Goal #1...Slain. The Ring is Off!!!!

If you have been following this thing since the beginning, or have even read the "Why Ninja Fingers" thing on the side, you know what I'm talking about. I have been unable to take my wedding ring off for almost 2 years, as the result of gained weight. Today that changed. My first goal in starting this thing was to lose enought BMI to be able to take my ring off. Today, that happened! This really confirms that we are doing something healthy, and that our efforts are succeeding. I now need to make another short term goal. My medium range goal is to be at 285 lbs by July 1.

Thanks to all that have been encouraging us- we really appreciate it!


  1. WOW!! Congrats my soon to be skinny friends!! That is so great, keep up the awesome hard work. I love keeping up with you guys.

  2. That is cool.

    You guys are still married though, right?

  3. Good Work!!! Donna