Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's my birthday!

****Posted by Nicole

Well, I’m 29 today and even though I’m a little weirded out by it, I’m still pretty excited to see what my 30’s will bring. I managed to make it through my 20’s still married (and still in love, awwwe) no kids (but planning to soon someday), a little over weight (but fixing it) with a job, two dogs, a house, great church, great family, and great friends. I’d say that I’m pretty blessed to be where I am today.
I have been pretty good so far with my food. Kyle got up with me this morning at 5:00 to make my breakfast that consisted of an egg, wheat toast, and turkey bacon. In the past it would have been either kolaches or biscuits. Then it was off to work, where I surprised my coworkers with the news of my birthday and then Kyle surprised me with a lunch date of looking at an ugly brown couch for the new man cave in the basement and a turkey sandwich from Provisions. It did have white bread on it and I have to admit that it was amazing! One really good side effect of eating actual food for breakfast (instead of a shake) is that I get really full really fast. So I only ate half of the sandwich and tonight for the grand finale is a couple pieces of pizza. Yum!

Oh dear, I think I spoke to soon. As I am typing my boss walks in with a lemon meringue pie from Tippin’s for my birthday and plops it on my desk.

He did get it for me, and it is MY birthday, and it looks REALLY good, and it would be rude of me not to have any, and well… okay, just one little piece.

Oooo, it’s so freaken good. It’s still a little frozen in the middle, and the top is all fluffy and soft and meringue-ish.

Ah man, my stomach is going to kill me after today.

Now I think I’m sick from all the sugar. Did I mention that my husband also surprised me with a few gummy bears and malted milk balls?

I think it’s time for some water to balance out all the sugar I just consumed.

I’d like to thank everyone that has wished me a happy birthday today and thank you to Kyle for always making my birthday special. Love you too honey!

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