Friday, February 5, 2010

My Inner Balboa

***Posted by Kyle

Since the inception of this project, Nicole and I have received tons of advice regarding diet and exercise. One of the main differences in how we are individually approaching our fitness comes with our workout regime. Nicole is the type of person that likes to be in a gym doing Pilates classes, and other things. I personally have heard a gym membership referred to as a "fat tax" and don't have one. Instead, I have my own, in-home gym that I laughingly refer to as my "dojo". Hey, every ninja has to have a dojo, right?

I just want to post a few pictures of what I have to work with.

Exhibit A: The exercise bike

Yes, I actually use this thing. From my brief research, this may be the oldest known, continually operating exercise bike on the planet. The speedometer doesn't work, it has one of those timers that you turn to the right postition and it clicks down for you, and you have to manually turn a screw to adjust the tension. Open note to our readers- if anyone has an exercise bike that is newer than this one, we're open to donations or a small purchase price!

Exhibit 2: The dojo

The punching bag has become one of my great workout partners, stress reducers, and also my new nemesis. My boxing workout (provided by my old friend Garrett, whom boxed at Virginia Tech, and is now a Pastor in Texas) goes something like this:

10 minute warm up on the bike
25 jabs, 25 punches x 8 sets
push ups, crunches
30 second jab, punch combos x 6 sets
push ups, crunches
15 jab, punch, cross, hook, left uppercut, right uppercut combos x 6 sets
push ups, crunches
cool down

Give that workout a try sometime, you'll feel a great combination of ecstasy, and hating life.

The weight set behind the punching bag I pieced together off of Craigslist, and is awesome. I will post my weight workouts later.

Have a great day- big post coming tomorrow with our weigh ins, measurements, and pictures being posted. Not excited.

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