Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congrats to Mom and Dad

**posted by Kyle

One of the most rewarding things about doing this project has been hearing about how we have actually inpired other people. I received a text the other day that a friend of mine, I'll call her Peggy (because that's her name), decided against putting down a huge, unhealthy, stuffed sub sandwich because of our plight. The best though has been that my parents have been checking in with us- they have started their own exercise regime, and have been eating healthier. They were glad to report that in the first week, my mom lost 5 lbs, and my dad lost 4. Congratulations!

The other night, I remembered that we had a Weight Watchers cookbook mixed in with about 3 years worth of phone books in our front closet (Don't ask- I don't know why either). It has been a virtual treasure chest of healthy, tasty recipes. I will let Nicole wax eloquent about the "creamed" spinach I made last night- it was awesome!

Our first official weigh-ins, measurements, and picture posting since the beginning is this coming Saturday. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I knew it would come.

Off to go work out- I need it!

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