Monday, February 15, 2010

Weddings and travelling do not make for a healthy weekend...

**Posted by Kyle

As you all know, Thursday was Nicole's birthday. We "cheated" quite a bit by going out for pizza, and getting popcorn at the movie. However, we each only had 2 slices (in the past, we would have crushed the entire pizza, no problem). Because it was a birthday, we didn't feel too guilty about it. Friday was a bit tougher. I had to run some errands in the morning, and then ended up eating lunch at home. I had eaten a ham sandwich just about every day for lunch that week, so that wasn't sounding appetizing. The only thing else there for lunch was....the leftover pizza. I ate two slices, and it was gone. At least now the temptation was out of the house. Dinner consisted of a salad at Pi (yep, that's right- I went to one of my favorite places in town, and only got a salad.) Win.

This last weekend, we travelled to Kansas City. On our way, we stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast. Fail. My fingers are still swollen from all the salt. Thank God our families realize our plight- Mom had fresh fruit set out for us, and a moderately healthy lunch of italian beef and sauteed veggies. We slipped up again when we were waiting between the ceremony and reception for a wedding we were at, and tried an order of Truffle Fries at Blanc. Amazing. Not healthy. At the wedding dinner, we controlled ourselves, but still ate a large portion of the food that was served to everyone (breaded pork chops, pasta, and veggies.) The next day, it was a protein shake for breakfast, a small serving of stromboli for lunch (Home made- thanks Lindsay, it was delicious!) and then back on the road. It is amazingly hard to eat well on the road. We stopped at a gas station, and all I could find that was moderately acceptable was a bag of peanuts and bottled water.

This week, we have both vowed to get "back on the wagon". I will continue to try to get 5 workouts in, and Nicole will continue to try to take the stairs every day at work.

This gettin' healthy thing is a stressful balancing act of trying to live life, and trying to be good!

Thanks for all the support, and to tne new people following us!

Make a healthy decision today.

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