Sunday, March 14, 2010


***Posted by Kyle

I feel like crap today.

Many of you know that, before we started this project, I had really bad problems with acid reflux and various other stomach problems. As a result of eating much more healthily, a lot of those problems have disappeared. Yesterday, a bunch of "the guys" got together for lunch, and ate at my favorite Barbecue restaurant (Pappy's) to celebrate my friend Ben's 30th birthday. Then, last night, I had pulled pork sandwiches with my wine blind tasting group. This was allowed, since it was out cheat day for the week. That caused a problem. Evidently, my body has gotten used to the healthy way of eating. After putting all that food in my belly, my body just flat out rejected it. The end result was me having such an acidic stomach that I couldn't get to sleep until almost 5 am (the "Spring Forward" didn't help matters.)

This my friends, is why I skipped church.


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