Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh my....

****Posted by Nicole

In honor of Saint Louis’s first 70 degree day my manager decided to go out and buy his team ice cream. I am normally not an ice cream fan; however, this was no ordinary ice cream. Edy’s has come out with a Girl Scout Samoa ice cream. Oh my, is right! How do I reject something my manager is telling me I have to eat? I would have gotten fired if I didn’t try it! (well, not really, but it could have happened)

In order to not lose my job, I checked the calories and a half of a cup of this miraculous blend of sugar and cream is only 150 calories. People, when I tell you that the heavens opened up and God smiled when I had the first bite, I’m lying, but that’s what it felt like! In my head unicorns pranced, the angels rejoiced, the people of Colieland were pleased, and it was good. (Colieland is the magical place Kyle says I go when I zone out.)

In all honesty, I did try it, and it was amazing, but I promise I only had a few bites. I will have to run extra tonight to make up for the weak moment. I know, not very ninja of me. Sorry!



  1. Good girl for not eating the whole tub when no one was looking...thats what I would have done!

  2. Chuck and I have the Thin Mint flavor in our freezer, but it's the "slow-churned" version, which has less fat and calories ... and 1/2 cup has only 2 Weight Watchers point.

    It is super tasty ... and "diet" friendly!