Friday, March 26, 2010

Mental Health Evening

***Posted by Kyle

Yesterday was an interesting day for the Ninjas. We got bad news from a couple of different sources- My dad will likely have to start radiation therapy for a potential relapse of his cancer, my good friend lost his job, and I have 4 other good friends that are dealing with marital strife. Combine that with really nasty weather, and it was not a day I would want to repeat.

So, Nicole and I decided to switch our "cheat day" to yesterday, and met up at one of our favorite wine bars. After some riesling and some Italian red, paired perfectly with pizza and salad from Pi, things started seeming a bit better. The "true" ninja way would have been to exercise, eat something healthy, and go to bed early. That wasn't what we needed though. It just goes to show you that sometimes laughing with friends and being flexible with your regimen can be the cure you really need.

Today, it's back on the horse with a protein shake and a long workout session, then meeting up with friends tonight to hang out, complain about our problems, encourage each other, and try to remember that we aren't going to fix the world.

Smile, y'all- it's gonna be a good day.

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