Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey! Where did the Girl Scout cookies go?!

****Posted by Nicole

A few weeks ago our neighbor’s kid showed up on our doorstep with her annual Girl Scout cookie order sheet. I stood there in silence and tried to think of ways to say no to her blonde curls and rosy cheeks without making her cry. In the end the sweet little girl won me over. I had already turned down another random Girl Scout earlier that day and my heart couldn't send another one away disappointed.

I’ve been known to sit and polish off entire sleeves of these devil cookies so I had to be careful. I ordered one box of shortbreads thinking that would be the safest thing. A few days passed and the box was delivered. I purposely left them in our basement so that I would have to make an effort to go get one if I had a craving. Have I mentioned before that I have a will power or food obsession problem?

So yesterday I went downstairs to run and thought,

I’m about to workout, surely I can have one....
Hey!.....Wait a minute! There aren’t any cookies in this box!
KYLE, where did the cookies go?!

Damn! Knowing me all too well, Mr. Smarty Pants hid them from me! The answer I got from him was that they were in a safe place and not to worry.

Safe place my butt! The safe place should be in my belly!

So we came to an agreement and we can each have one a day. Kyle knows the secret hiding place and that’s fine with me. The man can have thin mints in the freezer for months before he eats the last one. However, I do know that they are located somewhere in the basement, Muuuwahahaha!

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