Tuesday, March 2, 2010


****Posted by Nicole

So this Sunday Kyle and I met some friends at a restaurant called The Royal to listen to a speaker talk about his theory on the book of Revelation from the bible. As he chatted away about apocalypses and the rapture I was completely engaged in obsessing over the other half of my cheeseburger. Should I eat it? Am I really that hungry? Doesn’t the cheese look so good? Could I just eat the bread or the cheese and leave the meat?

I had eaten all of my cucumber salad that I chose as my side, so there was nothing else for me to look at other than my sandwich. Little side note, The Royal has one of the best burgers in town. So here is my question that I’m throwing out there. Do skinny people obsess over food like that?

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned that he asked a skinny person if they ever really looked forward to a meal. Did they get excited to eat something? The answer was no. Now, I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I will continue to do so because I enjoy eating way to much. There have been times that I’ve ordered a meal and the plate hasn’t even gotten to my table and I am excited because I get to eat the other half for lunch or breakfast the next day. Really? Yes, really.

So I ended up not eating the other half of my burger and I was very pleased with myself. Win! However when I got home I ended up peeling off the cheese and eating the bread with it. Oh! Soooo close! The meat was eaten by my dogs last night as their treat for the day. So the moral of the story is get a to-go box to cover up the other half of your food. Out of sight out of mind!

I cheated and weighed today (supposed to wait for tomorrow) and I am at 200! My goal is to be under that by our big weigh in on Saturday. Go Ninjas!


  1. Very good question. Never considered myself skinny so I won't answer....
    BUT - I think this goes with so much of other things I've been learning about - essentially SELF obsession.

    I think a lot of our problems stem from thinking about OURSELVES too often. So instead of trying to teach people how to feel better about themselves, we should really be focusing on teaching them to get over themselves.

    So instead of thinking about if I'm being caring enough or kind enough or humble enough (haha) I should be thinking about the OTHER person that God has in front of me to serve. Then kindness and compassion come. Not because of ME, but because of the God in me that wants to show love and mercy to that person. I'm rambling.

    But I think this DOES play out in my diet as well. People often ask me why I can have sweets around me constantly and not gain 100 lbs. But I know myself well enough to know that the moment I say I CAN'T have an oreo that that's all I will want. But, on the other hand, if I just quit obsessing on what I can and can't have - I usually just eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full and move on with my life.

    You guys are super inspiring. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the transparency on this blog. It's what keeps me coming back and what will eventually lead to your victory in this area!!! Keep it up Harshas. GOOD WORK!

  2. Thanks lady! Any words of encouragement always help push us forward.
    By the way, loved your rambling! You made an awesome point. Let me know if you have any good books that talk about self obsession, could use some help in that area!