Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back On Track

****Posted by Nicole

Last night I had to go to meet with another group from our church to offer them any support if they needed. As we are sitting there, a very sweet girl walks in the door with the biggest freaken ice cream cake I’ve ever seen. Ugh oh.

I really really really wanted to take a bite. It looked like chocolate cake and oreo ice cream. Yum.

I’m standing there watching everyone get a piece of cake and I remembered that I had already had ice cream for the day. Damn!

Okay, how can I spin this? Didn’t I already blow it when I had the first bites of samoa ice cream?

I felt myself traveling to the darks side so I quickly said a small prayer and remembered that in weight watchers they taught us that it’s never to late to end the day well. So when the lovely lady that brought the cake asked me if I wanted a piece I turned her down. I smiled and politely said “No thank you, my husband and I are trying to lose weight.” Then the tempting started.

“Well,” she says, “I’m engaged and I’ve learned what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” “You wouldn’t be lying if you just didn’t tell him.” :-O My mouth dropped. This lovely lady was no longer lovely. She is now the serpent in the Garden of Eden trying to get me to eat something that isn’t good and that I had just talked myself out of eating! I felt like telling her she was bad and running away to hide. Instead, I laughed it off and said, “That’s okay, it looks very good but I’m going to pass”.

Win! Go Ninja’s, Hyee Ya!

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