Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bots

****Posted by Nicole

My grandmother, Yveta Waite (pronounced, the letter Y and then veeta), is still to this day one of my favorite people ever. We called her gaga and she passed away about six years ago. Though she is gone her memory is still very strong in my family’s heart. She used to call it “the bots” when you had no idea what was ailing you.
That is me today. I don’t know what I want. First I wanted to eat nonstop, then nothing at all, then chocolate, a dr. pepper, and nachos. I flip back and forth between working really hard and then daydreaming about sitting in the sun on a beach somewhere. I find myself staring into space even as type this blog. Now all I want to do is go home and pull the covers over my head and sleep. I’m not sad. In fact I’m in a great mood today. I just want something and I don’t know what that is. If I were home it would be one of those days that I would graze. I would open the fridge and then the pantry thinking that something would magically appear that I didn’t see before. It’s cold, raining and I’m puffy.


Well at least I’m at work and I don’t have anything to graze on but hummus and pita chips and the one thing I do know is that I don’t want those. I’ll just sit here and eat my lowly salami on wheat and try really hard to concentrate on work. Hopefully that will cure what ails me.

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