Monday, March 29, 2010

I’m kind of hungry….

****Posted by Nicole

I’m kind of hungry today. I usually have a protein shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast, but we are out of our normal protein shake and I really really don’t like the taste of the stuff our roommate drinks. (No, I’m not stealing it, he offered it to us) So instead I had a stale bowl of multigrain cheerios and now I’m starved. To ease the pain a little I had a ¼ of a cup of peanuts and 30 min. later I am hungry again. These are the days that it’s hard to be good. I desperately want to reach my goal of losing 3 lbs this week so I refuse to give in to my hunger pains. The vending machine is calling to me, but the only healthy option there is a bag of peanuts. I’ve already got peanuts! I have to be careful though because I can get a wicked headache if I wait to long to eat. Maybe I’ll have a tiny bit of hummus and that will hold me until lunch time.

My boss just gave me a peanut butter cliff bar thinking that would help and ……gross. It is helping, but it does not taste good. Blech… I should have stuck with the hummus.

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