Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad week gets better, Junk food addiction

***Posted by Kyle

So, I'm sure you noticed that last week was a bit of a bad one for us. Neither of us worked out as much as we should have, and we had a couple of nights straying from the "ninja way" when it comes to eating. This week will be much better- we will eat healthier, exercise more, and get ready for our weigh-in on Saturday. My goal is to be down 10 lbs from last month, putting my loss total at about 33 official pounds. I'm feelin' it, it's going to happen.

In other sports news, cut and paste this link into your browser for an interesting article:

It's the recap of some research done by the scripps institute. Basically, scientists have found that there is actual evidence behind the theory that "the more you eat of something, the more you want of it" that trainers have been teaching for years. Our bodies can literally become addicted to junk food, the same way that we can get addicted to alcohol or drugs. Pretty interesting stuff!

Have a great week- make a healthy decision, and cook a dinner at home for your family this week using fresh ingredients!

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