Monday, July 5, 2010

Small success, caloric destruction

***Posted by Kyle

This last week, I flew to Denver for the night. One of the things that I whined about at the very beginning of this project was how embarrassing it is to be on an airplane, and have to ask for the seat-belt extension. No matter how discreetly you do it, someone overhears you, and you can just feel the people around you judging you immediately, whether they know you or not. Trust me, it sucks. At any rate, this was the first flight that I have taken since losing the pounds, and I am happy to report that the "normal" seatbelt fit comfortably. This may not mean much to you, but man, it literally almost made me tear up.

So, what did my dumb ass do? In celebration I ate a bunch of bad food in Denver, and continued the caloric atomic attack over the 4th of July weekend. Nice job, bonehead. Now, I'm in a meat hangover, I don't feel like working out, and I have a lot of office work to get done.

Oh well, one week at a time, right?

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