Wednesday, July 21, 2010

But it’s a girlie night!

****Posted by Nicole

When I was a kid, every now then my mom would have what we call a girlie night. It was when my dad would be out of town and we would get something really good and naughty to eat and it would be just us girls. We would watch whatever and eat whatever. I’ve continued this tradition and lately it’s been happening a little too often. Whenever Kyle goes out of town or has an event I want to head straight for Taco Bell. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it just wrecks my stomach and diet. So the next time he's out of town I’m going to pledge to be good. I’ll watch a girlie movie, but I will not stuff myself with tacos, nachos, pizza, or cheese. I will go to the grocery and get something that is healthy and low in fat. I will be good until Saturday, I will be good until Saturday, I will be good until Saturday….

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