Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad food, Wasted calories

****Posted by Nicole

Last night Kyle and I had to go to a church BBQ. It was at a very lovely home and we met some very lovely people, however, we did not eat very lovely food. I was really excited when I saw it put out because they had burgers galore and hotdogs for days. I went for the burger. It looked a little overcooked, but I figured that’s okay, I can deal, and I’m in the mood for a burger! Kyle and I sat down and dug in. This is where my foodie snobbery comes in. I’m embarrassed to say that it was the second worse hamburger I’ve ever eaten. I would have stopped eating right then but the people who cooked the food sat down at the table and my Texas upbringing wouldn’t allow me to not eat the food that was cooked for us and in front of me. So I ate it. My mother calls it wasted calories, I call it a huge disappointment. How hard is it to mess up a burger that bad? Even I know how to cook a decent burger. In their defense they were cooking for the masses and did provide the food free of charge. I know, I’m ungrateful. Now it’s off to try out my first class of Zumba tonight and work off those wasted calories.

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