Monday, July 19, 2010

No, seriously, we really are trying

One thing Nicole and I have both realized is that a lifetime of bad habits is really, really hard to break. This last week, our pastor gave an amazing sermon on leadership. One of the things that he talked about is that leaders (in the church, but I think you could extrapolate that out into effective leaders in every facet of life) need to be free of any current addictions, including food. This is a problem not only with me and Nicole, but with a lot of people that we know. So many of our friends and even some family members spend a significant portion of their time focusing on what they just ate, what they are eating, and what they are going to eat. Now, anyone that knows me realizes that I'm not a fan of crappy food. I like good food- whether "healthy" or not, I like food that is well prepared from quality, fresh ingredients, and tastes good. But, me "liking" food and using my job/social situations/my mood/etc as an excuse to commit the sin of overindulgence is what got me in trouble in the past. This, combined with inherent laziness when it comes to working out alone, is a dangerous combination for anyone.

What about you? Are you using food as a crutch? Do you eat to fuel your body, and enjoy it, or do you literally think about it all day long? How many times this week have you said "well, since I've already blown it today, having some more [insert food or drink item here] won't hurt."? Do you eat when you are bored/upset/happy/probably just thirsty? I'm not hating on you. I have done all of these in the last week, which is one of the reasons I have actually gained weight for the first time since we started Ninja Fingers.

So, fellow ninjas, just check yourself. Are the little "cheats" that you are allowing yourself really small rewards, or are they symptoms that you are addicted to something less sinister, but just as harmful, as any drug?

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