Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ice Cream Social

****Posted by Nicole

Yesterday was the building ice cream social. I am not into ice cream or socializing with people from the buiding so I decided not to go. As I stared into my computer screen doing work like a good little girl, my teammate wheeled over and asked if I wanted to go down and get some ice cream. No. I told him I wasn’t going and he said that he didn’t want to stand in line by himself. I proceeded to call him and girl and then found myself walking to the elevator with him. I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but on a hot summers day, it sounds pretty freaken good.

As we walked through the lobby I saw some people coming in with Drumsticks. Ugh oh, a bowl of ice cream is one thing, but a Drumstick is another! I told myself to “Be strong!” and proceeded to stand in the massive line. My teammate and I chatted about the steamy weather and I gazed ahead to watch the chocolate dipped vanilla melt down the hands of my fellow office/building friends. I wanted to whimper like my pups do when they want a piece of cheese from my hand.

As we got closer and closer I noticed that they were giving out an array of flavors. Mint chocolate chip, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and freaken oreo. Really? So I pulled myself out of the line and waited for the weenie boy to get his free treat. As we headed back up to the 6th floor and I watched my teammate gobble up a large bowl of chocolate chip ice cream I smiled at the thought of not wasting my dinner calories on one thing. Yay me!

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