Monday, April 5, 2010

What time is it?!?

****Posted by Nicole

This morning as I pushed my snooze button one more time, I noticed it was much harder to wake up than normal. Alright alright, I’ll get up. I started my morning ritual of letting the dogs out, making a protein shake, and watching the news. Man, was I tired. Even the people on the news looked tired.
I sat there half listening and I heard the anchorman mention the time. Wait, what time did he say? I rewound it and listened again. Yes, It’s what I thought he said, 4:30. What?! I get up at 5!
What happened you ask? My alarm clock automatically resets when daylight savings time happens. The problem is that a few years ago congress voted to have it changed to an earlier date and my clock is still set to the old date.
By this point I had been up for a good 45 min. and would have been even more tired if I had chosen to go back to sleep and wake up again. I went ahead and got ready and showed up for work early. However, I was so out of it I not only forgot my workout clothes, but I didn’t remember that I could have worn a baseball t-shirt to work because of opening day.
I am all messed up and turned around. Oh yeah, and sleepy.
Hope everyone had a good Easter and I promise to post my picture soon with my results! They are all good, so no worries from me!

Go Sox!

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