Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Thumbs? We'll see!

***Posted by Kyle

Since we started this project in January, we have definitely increased the amount of veggies that we consume with our meals. Asparagus used to be a once-a-month type addition, and Broccoli was almost unknown to us. Now we eat each at least once or twice per week. Along with this increased veggie intake we have discovered that, not only are vegetables (and especially herbs) fairly expensive at the super market, but they are seldom from local purveyors, and not very good quality. With that in mind, we have decided to plant a garden. This will either be a raging success, or we will destroy a 120 square foot portion of our yard. Our friend Kelly is going to help with the installation of said garden tomorrow, and I will report back, replete with pictures and anecdotes.

Until then, get your butt outside to enjoy the Spring, and do something active!


  1. Oops, 120 sqr foot? I think we only went for about 21 sqr foot to start with :). Do you want to put in more? We can add to it.

  2. It ended up at about 84 square feet. Blog post, complete with pics being worked on now!

  3. Awesome - I am terrible with math. I just went for a size that would accomadate what you wanted to plant. Perhaps you need another row for potatoes though.