Saturday, April 3, 2010

Q1 Results are in: Weight is down, Good Feelings Abound

***Posted by Kyle

So, today we had our April weigh-in and measurement session. I was at 321, meaning I have officially lost 30 lbs, and have taken roughly 6 inches off of my midsection. Truth be told, I wanted to be at 318, but I'm not going to let 3 lbs over the course of 3 months get me too wound up. I want to again say "Thank You" to everyone that has supported us with comments, letters, emails, texts, and prayers. We honestly cannot achieve the goals we want to without you! Here are the Before and After Pics:

Jan 5

April 3

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  1. The photos don't lie! You look good! Inspiring for sure! Glad to see the pictures got hung too...its like a whole transformation!