Monday, June 21, 2010

Ninja Fingers 2.0

As my beautiful (and thinning) bride eloquently put it, we got lazy. It's true- when starting your own business, and working on it 10-16 hours per day, the last thing you want to expend more energy on is blogging, working out, and actually thinking about what to eat. I started noticing a couple of weeks ago that my acid reflux was returning, and I also had 3-4 people ask me about Ninja Fingers in the last couple of weeks.

We're back, and we're going to continue- this is the tough part. We need y'all to help keep us accountable. Ask us, chide us, encourage us, slap us, whatever it takes to remind us that someday we want to have kids, and it would be nice to be in good enough shape to run around with them.

Thanks folks- we truly love you!

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