Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Creepy Red Robin, and a Movie sans Mike and Ikes

***Posted by Kyle

Last night, Nicole had a headache, and wasn't feeling well. Some of us guys went out to dinner and to a movie (A Team- I highly recommend it, especially if you like explosions). We headed to Red Robin for dinner. Part of the highlights of this joint included watching some poor sap dressed up like the robin, scaring the crap out of little kids, and a high school cheerleader with a baby- good stuff. I decided to forgo the 1400 caloric disaster of a burger, and get a salad with salmon. Blech.

We then headed to the movies. Let me say that this was a struggle for me. I'm the guy at the movie that spends half my paycheck at the dang concessions counter. I usually roll in with a XXXXXL Mountain Dew, a big ol' popcorn, and a 6 lb box of Mike and Ikes. Not this time, fellow ninjas. Not a dime was spent.

I'm almost mortified- you mean I can make it through a movie without snacks? Dang.

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