Friday, June 25, 2010

Attack of the killer tomatoes!!!

****Posted by Nicole

This is me being attacked by the biggest freaken tomato plant ever. I was checking on the garden last night and the plants have gotten so big that Kyle couldn't see me.

No worries, the gnome saved me

The funny thing about it is that this mammoth of a plant has one tomato on it and it’s all gnarly and weird…

Can you see me on the left? I’m not even sure this is a tomato plant anymore!

The other plants seem to be doing very well. The basil and cilantro are out of control and we've gotten some jalapenos and tiny sweet peppers. This picture was taken of the basil after Kyle harvested most of it. We did get some little pear tomatoes for dinner last night and I got to eat my first fresh tomato and basil salad! Yum!

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