Friday, November 4, 2011

I am fat, and I am tired

Hello all. Yes, we are back again and I am fat.... again. Here are my problems with being overweight.
1) I have struggled with this my entire life. Realizing that it will be a life long thing sucks.
2) My clothes don’t fit and they don’t make clothes I like in my size.
3) Girls that have a “pooch” are not fat. So please stop complaining about it. It infuriates me.
4) I hate having my picture taken.
5) Its effected my health on the inside. My liver enzymes are pretty elevated and my doctor thinks it’s due to my fat intake.

I have to say that I’m comfortable with my squishy body until I actually see myself. We had our Smashie team pictures taken and I hate the way I look. I thought that they were going to "fix" it by photo shopping off belly pounds. Alas, it did not happen so I’m stuck with it. I look pregnant (which I’m not) and I have to deal with it being my fault. I ate the food, I didn’t keep on top of it, so now I have to lose the weight…again. Here is the pic. Everyone looks pretty smoken, except me. Oh well, I’ll get over it one day.

On a lighter note, our first local bout is on Saturday! I’ve worked for about year to get to this point and I am so excited!!! We are lined up to play the M-80s who are picked to win the championship this year. This was starting to play with my head a little until we scrimmaged against them this week. It was just like playing any other team. We can so do this! We’ve got AMAZING seasoned players on our team and I have been just blown away by their knowledge and athleticism. These girls are awesome and I am so honored to be on a team with them.

These past few weeks have been pretty busy with work and derby. Practice until 10pm and getting up at 5 or 5:30 is starting to take its toll. I've neglected my love and my laundry. So my love took care of the laundry! Big thank you to Kyle for folding, straightening, and washing this week. I really really appreciate it! xoxo

Go Smashies!!!!!

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