Monday, November 7, 2011

Trying to restrain "Cheat Days"

One of the things that a lot of successful lifestyle eating and exercise plans share in common is the concept that if there's really something you want to eat, go ahead and do it. Just realize that you will have to do some extra work to cover for it.

At the beginning of Ninja Fingers, Nicole and I each allowed ourselves one cheat day per week where the rules were relaxed, and we could indulge those food fantasies that had been following us around all week. We usually set aside Saturdays as the day where she would eat fast food, I would eat buffalo wings, and we would always feel bad on Sunday.

This weekend, I failed miserably. Friday I should just write off all together as the caloric destruction I did to my body Friday night was of epic proportions. Did that stop me from doing it all again on Saturday? Nope. Oh, maybe Sunday was better. Nuh uh.

This week, I will continue to try to make healthy decisions every day, exercise as much as I can, and keep my cheat day to what it should be- one day.


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