Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boxing myself in

This morning was successful, but I wasn't happy about it. I just didn't want to get up. Last night was my normal stay-up-until-11-watching-a-football-game-I-don't-really-care-about Monday night, but at least Nicole and I ate decently healthily. I really didn't have any reason to sleep in, not to be really tired. But, I drug my unhappy butt out of bed and commenced with one of the few workouts that I enjoy- hitting a heavy bag in a boxing workout. It's good exercise and it helps me get work frustration out.

I may have mentioned this before, but there are really only a few exercise routines that I like. I hate running. I despise swimming. Even road biking sucks. I'm perfectly content riding an exercise bike in my basement, lifting weights, boxing, or playing basketball (which I haven't done in probably 10 years.) This makes a program like Ninja Fingers a little more of a challenge to find something that gets my heart rate up, yet I won't either get bored or get frustrated and quit.

Any suggestions?

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