Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 2 of Booty Camp

Last week there was no Booty Camp due to the weather that did absolutely nothing. There was a ton of hubbub in the news about, “The snow! The snow! We are all going to die because of the snow! So hunker down everyone and go to the grocery and by milk, eggs, and bread!” The short of it is that we had maybe a couple of inches and it was sloppy and wet. Damn! (Can you tell I’m bitter about having to go to work the next day?) I digress.

Last night was week 2 of Booty Camp. We learned weaving, hopping, marching, four point fall, skating in a pack, running on our stoppers, and how to skate wicked fast. At one point we had to skate five times around the rink, without instruction on how to do it correctly, and our coach Romo timed us. She said that as a Potential, a minute and ten seconds is a good goal. I heard some girls chicken out to be the first to go and I thought, "screw it, lets get this done". Plus I knew I would be faster than the other two girls skating with me so even if I was super slow they would make me look faster. A little strategy done on my part, sorry if that’s mean! What was my time you ask? 55 seconds! I did cross the line out of bounds a couple times but one of the veterans said that eventually it would get to the point where I would build up muscle memory and learn not to do that anymore. I would just instinctively know where to go on the track to stay in bounds and not get a penalty.
Today I feel pretty good but I know that Wednesday will be rough as far as soreness. My left knee is killing me, but I think that will go away as I lose weight and build muscle. It was really encouraging to see all the vets help the potentials with pointers. They were all more than happy to help and I was more than happy to hear it.

In other news, Kyle had hernia repair surgery on Friday last week. He’s had some ups and downs but came out of it fairly quickly. I’m so glad that he feels better and so happy that the little alien in his abdomen is gone! Yay Kyle!

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